Why Natural Resources Matter for Improving Governance in Namibia

Why Natural Resources Matter for Improving Governance in Namibia

KarolBy Karol Boudreaux, Practice Lead, Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management

If you want to see why natural resources matter for local-level democracy, look no further than Namibia.

Across this breathtakingly beautiful country, a remarkable social and economic experiment has been going on for nearly two decades: devolving rights to manage and benefit from the use of natural resources from the national government to rural black communities.

Empowering communities with a bundle of secure rights over natural resources has not only produced notable conservation and economic returns. It has helped build stronger, more representative governance institutions in a country that suffered under decades of oppressive colonial and South African rule.

Namibia is one of Africa’s youngest countries. After gaining its independence from South Africa in 1990 following a long civil war, the new government looked for ways to rebuild, promote economic development, and support the empowerment of its black citizens.

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