Housing and Community Development

HCDThe focus of The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area is to improve the effectiveness of domestic and international, community-based social programs that create and support housing, economic opportunities, and viable living environments for our most vulnerable citizens. We do this by providing responsive, timely, cost-effective, and outcomes-driven technical assistance, environmental compliance impact assessments, health and safety regulation analysis, economic analysis, strategic planning, policy analysis/development, training, research and program evaluation. Our staff comprises skilled former senior administrators of homeless and public housing programs, housing developers, economic development specialists, industrial hygienists, economists, environmental engineers, and government officials with years of direct experience working in nonprofit and local, State, and Federally-funded social service organizations. With this uniquely extensive “in-the-trenches” experience as a foundation, we are able to offer expert applied guidance on statutory and regulatory requirements, program design, and project implementation – and bring a rich experiential perspective to the challenges of translating policy into practice, and generating outcomes-based data on effectiveness. Our teams are recognized as national experts on public and affordable housing, community and economic development, and the homeless. Our primary clients include the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Housing and Community Development business unit prides itself on our collaborative nature, working in harmony with our clients and their targeted customers towards enhancing the capacities of local systems and communities to implement effective housing and social service programs. To this end, our work is focused in the following domains:

  • Preventing and ending homelessness;
  • Providing comprehensive support to affordable and supportive housing and economic development initiatives; and
  • Designing and implementing cost-effective strategies to develop, strengthen, and revitalize sustainable, healthy, and livable communities.

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