A Commitment to Safety in a Time of Conflict

A Commitment to Safety in a Time of Conflict

The unfolding catastrophe in Israel and Gaza imperils the safety of all people on both sides of the conflict throughout this crisis, and the need to address the safety of women and girls is urgent. 

As the United Nations has documented, armed conflicts exacerbate pre-existing patterns of discrimination against women and girls, and result in higher levels of gender-based violence against women and girls. During war, women and girls can fall victim to arbitrary killings, torture, and sexual violence. As reported in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, sexual violence, crime, exploitation and torture are prevalent where there is conflict or no rule of law and high levels of armed violence and insecurity also have a destructive impact on a country’s development. 

Women face long-term challenges as a result of conflict-related sexual violence, including access to healthcare and social services. Those with disabilities experience additional barriers as reported in the International Review of the Red Cross, and as the World Bank states, displacement from violent conflict exacerbates these risks, reduces empowerment, and creates new levels of poverty.    

Cloudburst remains committed to promoting effective solutions to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and human trafficking throughout the world. As we continue our work at the intersection of gender-based violence, housing, and the disparate impact of disasters on women, children, and vulnerable populations, we hold all the victims and their families in our hearts and hope for peace.

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