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In Liberia, The Cloudburst Group has designed and is implementing a Difference-in-Difference rigorous performance evaluation of NAMATI’s Community Land Protection Program (CLPP). The project is helping communities protect land rights through legal empowerment, by-law development, governance strengthening, resource valuation, boundary mapping, and conflict resolution in Lofa, River Gee, and Maryland counties. The program’s goal is to proactively strengthen communities’ ability to protect, enforce, and defend their land rights. CLPP promotes an integrated community land protection model that supports communities to leverage community land documentation processes to create positive intra-community change leading to enhanced agricultural productivity, entrepreneurship, and employment.

The CLPP performance evaluation seeks to understand how training, mentoring and other support helps communities protect land claims and how documentation affects land tenure security and local governance structures across 54 communities or community clusters. Baseline data collection took place between January and July 2014. Post-baseline, CLPP program activities were put on hold in July 2014 due to the Ebola outbreak, and activities resumed in early 2016. Midline data collection and analysis will occur in 2017.

The Cloudburst Group developed the following instruments for data collection: a large-N household survey (810) of community members, a survey of community leaders (162) that includes a qualitative interview component, and focus group discussions (162). At midline we are partnering with a local data collection firm to train enumerators and qualitative researchers.

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