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Global Development

Period of Performance: September 2017 – July 2018

Cloudburst worked with USAID’s Bureau for Economic Growth, Education and Environment to develop a site focused on USAID’s work with Indigenous Peoples. The objective of the website is to house resources for project design and information on indigenous peoples to support USAID Missions and implementing partners in successfully executing programming that impacts indigenous peoples. The website will serve as a guide for USAID and its implementing partners in how to engage with indigenous peoples through culturally appropriate and rights-based consultation mechanisms. The website will contain tools for defining indigenous communities, conducting consultations, conducting social and environmental impact analyses, establishing safeguards, and designing programs.

Through this contract, Cloudburst accomplished the following:

  • Cloudburst’s development of the framework and initial content for the Indigenous Peoples website helped to fill a gap in USAID’s approach to project development, by raising awareness of indigenous communities impacted by proposed projects.
  • The site helps to promote the newly drafted Indigenous Peoples Guide, which covers key information on Indigenous Peoples and considerations for development practitioners.
  • While the site is not yet live, our end-of-contract discussions with the client also helped guide them towards next steps for site content creation, where previously they did not have a set plan.
Environmental Compliance Support Services (ECSS) II Performance Evaluation of NAMATI’s Community Land Protection Program in Liberia