A commitment to a movement—not just a moment

A commitment to a movement—not just a moment

As a mission-driven organization, Cloudburst has always been and remains committed to addressing issues that advance social, economic, and environmental sustainability, and ensure that the needs of low-income and vulnerable populations are accounted for in our work. We seek to enhance the quality of life of others and renew our commitment to create spaces for difficult conversations within our organization and through our work to advance equal rights, realize progress in the battle against systemic racism, and strengthen our resolve to ensure the representation of diverse voices and lived experiences.

We acknowledge the anger, pain, tragedy, death, and loss of opportunity experienced by the Black and African American community in our country. We are at a critical moment in history where our commitment to sustaining momentum in the fight against racism is more urgent than ever. Fighting racial injustice and racism calls for systemic reform, and the fight will take time.. Cloudburst reaffirms its long-term commitment to work together and with our clients to fight discrimination and racism.

We commit to shining a mirror back into our company to continue discussions about developing a shared vision for being an anti-racist organization, and focusing on diversity, inclusion, and equity and how that translates into shifting and adjusting how we support job recruitment, retention, professional development, and organizational growth.

We will look for opportunities to make a difference, especially in addressing health and housing disparities, access to economic development opportunities, and support for inclusive global development. We will help our clients unwind some of the biases that are embedded within policies and practices that further exacerbate and feed some of the systemic racism challenges that exist in our country and in the world.

We commit to approaching our work with empathy, dignity, and respect, and to continuing to create spaces for appreciation of diversity and inclusivity to ensure that the voices and experiences of the vulnerable are heard — knowing that this effort is well worth the outcome.

As an organization, we are committed to doing better through active listening, sharing experiences, and action planning. We are committed to a movement that will bring our society closer to achieving racial equality, not just a moment in the fight against racial injustice.

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