Growing our State & Local Portfolio

Growing our State & Local Portfolio

Since May of this year, Cloudburst has been expanding and diversifying our State and Local portfolio, both in wins to RFPs and through marketing via Cloudburst on Demand. We are celebrating new work in twelve different states and communities!

Homeless Assistance Team Wins:

  1. San Diego Housing Commission Homeless Dashboards: We will develop an HMIS Analytic Dashboards to support local homeless policy and programmatic planning.
  2. Salt Lake City Corporation Homeless Services: We will facilitate a mutual-learning process for Salt Lake City department heads and key staffers designed to increase understanding, strengthen decision-making, and provide clearer tactics for communication and negotiation to address the needs of the city’s homeless population.
  3. Grand Rapids Coordinated Entry Evaluation Follow On: We will continue our work in Grand Rapids by making an onsite presentation of work completed under a prior award that highlights findings from conducting an evaluation of the homeless services system coordinated entry processes.

Housing and Community Development Team Wins:

  1. City of Bangor, Maine: We will provide advisory services to the city on its Community Development Block Grant, such as assisting with the data cleaning and analysis for the City’s Action Plan and CAPER.
  2. City of Mountain View, California: We will provide underwriting and subsidy layering review, to meet HOME Program compliance, for the Mountain View Shorebreeze rental housing project.
  3. San Diego Consolidated Plan (under subcontract to LeSar Development): We will provide full support to city staff in the development and preparation of the Consolidated Plan for Fiscal Years 2020–2024.
  4. Fairfax County, Virginia: We will provide county-level housing and development assistance through a Cloudburst on Demand Follow on.
  5. Idaho Housing and Finance Authority: We will assist in the development of the 2020-2024 Five-Year Consolidated Plan for Idaho’s HUD-Community Planning and Development (CPD) Programs.
  6. Iowa Economic Development Authority: We will assist in the development of the 2020-2024 Five-Year Consolidated Plan for the State of Iowa.
  7. City of Wausau, Wisconsin: We will be providing Integrated Disbursement and Information Systems (IDIS) Training.
  8. Michigan Community Development Association: We will be providing IDIS Training.
  9. City of West Palm Beach: We will be providing IDIS Training.
  10. Washtenaw County, Wisconsin: This is a Cloudburst on Demand Follow on for CPD Program Support.
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