Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing – City of Oakland

Period of Performance: March 2015 – October 2015

As a result of qualitative and quantitative data analysis, Cloudburst identified a series of impediments to fair housing and worked closely with the City of Oakland to develop actionable strategies to address these impediments. Using the Community of Opportunities model (basis for Assessment of Fair Housing rule), Cloudburst developed the City of Oakland’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice and provided comprehensive technical assistance to the City on redesigning its community and economic development programs to better integrate with other City agencies.

Under this contract, Cloudburst:

  • Analyzed changing demographic and economic changes in the City and regional economies and the impact those changes had on access to fair housing.
  • Conducted robust stakeholder interviews to gather input from community, health, and job leaders in the City.
  • Developed set of action plans and outcome metrics to assess the progress made to achieving the City’s fair housing goals.
  • Developed State’s fair housing action plan to guide future programs to address fair housing.
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