Senior Technical Assistance Provider

Steven Ellis is a Senior Technical Assistance Provider in The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. Mr. Ellis provides direct support to communities across the country serving those affected by HIV/AIDS and those affected by homelessness with a focus on program design and policies, compliance, and community needs. He has over a decade of experience in AIDS housing, community integration, and homelessness.

Before joining Cloudburst, Mr. Ellis served as an Assistant Director at one of New England’s largest homeless shelters, monitoring their HUD grants and managing their nationally award-winning housing team. Before working in homelessness, he worked for Maine’s largest AIDS Service Organization (ASO), doing years of HOPWA grant management, occupancy, HQS, and other direct work. Mr. Ellis has also served on several state-wide HIV/AIDS and housing groups, including chairing several Continuum of Care committees and helping to run their scoring and ranking of funded programs to determine future funding.

Steven brings a background in Political Science, with a focus on administration and bureaucracy.