Housing and Homelessness Analyst

Morgan Cline has a passion for solving problems creatively and understanding the needs of clients and communities. She brings extensive experience supporting nonprofit, local, state, and federal government clients with program implementation, program evaluations, and capacity building. She provides trainings and daily on-call support around performance report data to state and nonprofit clients under HUD’s Community Planning and Development Data Analytics contract. Ms. Cline also sits on HUD’s HOPWA (Housing Assistance for Person’s with AIDS) help desk and has experience working with communities to build their HOPWA program capacity.

Additionally, Ms. Cline has held roles in many diverse Housing and Public Health projects during her 4 years at Cloudburst. Through her diverse project experience, she has developed excellent skills around qualitative and quantitative data analysis, data synthesis, technical writing, and researching.

Prior to joining The Cloudburst Group, Ms. Cline held positions as a teacher, editor, and outreach worker for several organizations, including the U.S. State Department. She received her B.A. in Classics and History of Science from St. John’s College.