Practice Area and Equity Lead

Karen Brown is Practice Area Lead in The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area.  Karen manages multiple large-scale projects which work to empower communities to design, implement, and evaluate strategies to prevent and end homelessness.   Prior to Cloudburst, Karen served as the Vice President of Housing Services for a rural community behavioral services provider in northern Florida with a 7,442-square-mile footprint. She was responsible for grants management, project implementation, organizational development, financial management, and housing development. This included responsibility for the CoC Program, PATH, SSVF, CDBG, and Section 202 and 811 contracts. She also served on the governance board of two local CoCs and played a pivotal role in local efforts to end Veteran homelessness.

Ms. Brown was also committed to creating public-private partnerships through her service on a community land trust advisory board and by serving on the board of a statewide advocacy organization that educated stakeholders on the role of stable housing for individuals in vulnerable populations. She has currently been assigned to the disaster team on vaccine distribution for homeless service providers and people experiencing homelessness.

Ms. Brown holds a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership and her undergraduate work was in Food and Resource Economics with a minor in Business Administration