Data & Analytics

The Cloudburst Group provides a wide range of data & analytics services across multiple government sectors such as HUD, CDC, SAMHSA, and USAID. With the ever increasing creation of new data, it is critical for agencies and municipalities to have consistent, useful and agile control to make information more manageable and accessible. Our information technology, research, and analysis staff focus on the balance between simplicity, effectiveness, and inter-operability. In doing so, we are able to reduce data redundancy, strengthen data management policies, and increase collaboration through the sharing of data.

Cloudburst is currently developing and/or maintaining multiple data and knowledge management systems for USAID, HUD, and SAMHSA. Every effort is made to ensure that projects are consistent with President Obama’s Executive Order, OMB Memorandum M-13-13, Open Data Policy — Managing Information as an Asset.

Why Choose Cloudburst Communications?

Our unique approach celebrates our clients as thought leaders by designing strategic communications plans that pair best practices in integrated marketing and communications with research and data, successful programming, digital marketing and public relations storytelling that highlight the human face of your work.

Cloudburst’s multiple areas of expertise inform each other, enabling us to provide you with communications and knowledge management services that are informed by rigorous research, analytics, training best practices, and more. Our extensive experience with both international and domestic issues translates to effective communications that can reach both local and global audiences.