The Cloudburst Group is working with the Rule of Law (ROL) team in the Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Bureau at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to continue the development of the USAID ROL Innovation, Design, Experimentation, Acceleration, and Solutions (IDEAS) Lab. The intent is to strengthen the ROL IDEAS Lab’s ability to generate programmatic learning
and provide technical tools and expertise to Mission personnel and partners for the design and implementation of more effective ROL programs that promote people-centered justice.

The Cloudburst Group is looking for persons with international training and technical assistance expertise in ROL to assist with various tasks and activities in the IDEAS Lab. The tasking deliverables are anticipated to evolve and change in priority and sequence based on USAID’s goals, taking an iterative learning approach. Activities consultants may support include the following:

  • Design an analytic agenda to generate thought leadership resources on emerging ROL issues;
  • Establish an inventory of tools and techniques fostering engagement with justice stakeholders for the promotion of people-centered justice;
  • Create concise, practice-oriented notes for USAID on ROL policy implementation;
  • Develop a flexible framework for analyzing ROL terrain, identifying opportunities and prioritizing people-centered justice interventions;
  • Establish a process to collect, share, and incubate deployable innovations, including core criteria and policy guidance;
  • Provide methodological support for clinics and workshops, fostering, collaborative problem solving on ROL design and innovation challenges with USAID mission personnel; or
  • Produce a series of self-paced e-learning tools for USAID personnel and partners to increase awareness and develop basic competencies in people-centered justice fundamentals and other ROL skills and techniques

To respond to this RFQ, please send your CV and a brief bio to [email protected] with the subject line “ROL IDEAS Lab expert”.