Management of USAID’s Environmental Compliance Database

Environment and Climate Resiliency

Like a shepherd tracks his sheep, the ECD tracks environmental compliance. Photo Credit: Julie Appelhagen. Location: Armenia

Under the U.S. International Agency for International Development (USAID)’s Global Environmental Management Support (GEMS II) program, The Cloudburst Group is continuing its support of the USAID Environmental Compliance Database (ECD), which we originally developed in 2009. Through a series of contracts, The Cloudburst Group has developed and refined this robust knowledge management system which houses USAID’s Environmental Compliance review documentation. All Initial Environmental Examinations (IEE), Environmental Assessments (EA), and Requests for Categorical Exclusions and related documents from across the whole of USAID are maintained and routinely updated through this system.

The ECD provides a powerful tool to both USAID staff and implementing partners as a means to track environmental compliance requirements and has integrated reporting tools utilized by USAID staff. Also through this task order The Cloudburst Group is maintaining the Title XIII Reports to Congress and Affirmative Investigation Reports Database.

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