Homeless Management Information System Data Integration Project

Homeless Assistance Programs

Period of Performance: March 2018 – December 2018

Increasingly, providing quality care to vulnerable populations requires multiple systems to communicate and coordinate. People experiencing homelessness often touch several systems and as a subset continuously cycle through a variety of emergency interventions which comes at a great cost to the community and the households themselves. These different systems, such as healthcare, homelessness, and criminal justice, often lack effective methods to collaborate with each other in determining eligibility and linking people to the most appropriate services and housing.

Cloudburst is working in multiple states and localities to integrate homelessness, healthcare, and criminal justice data into interactive dashboards, providing users with a unified view of data to allow for effective community planning, distribution of resources, and coordination of care. This data integration infrastructure is the foundation to help these intersecting systems more effectively provide care and assure housing stability over time.

There are three main project outputs which include:

  • Cross System Change Leadership: Supporting cross-sector leaders to create a shared vision for system change, co-design interventions, and determine the best uses of integrated data to support goal achievement.
  • Data Integration Technology: Capacity to develop an effective data integration infrastructure, as well as operational data tools to support care coordination and analytical tools for system planning.
  • Data Maturity: Stronger capacity for more effective data-based decision-making.
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