Senior Program Analyst

Joel is a Senior Program Analyst in the Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. His primary responsibilities include providing guidance and technical assistance to state and local grantees working with HUD online systems and assisting communities to develop data-driven, community-supported strategies and plans to support the investment of housing and community development resources.

Mr. Warren has five years of housing and community development experience, serving a variety of roles ranging from direct service, as a housing program case manager, to indirect service, as an analyst developing organizational capacity. Prior to joining Cloudburst, Mr. Warren was a case manager for a Permanent Supportive Housing program for veterans. Mr. Warren is currently supporting grantees across the country to comply with HUD program planning and reporting requirements through direct and on-call assistance. Mr. Warren has worked with multiple HUD grantees to establish strategies to quantify outcomes related to fair housing activities. Mr. Warren is an expert in housing and socio-economic data sources and has developed multiple housing needs assessments, market studies, and profiles to support the development of plans and strategies.

Prior to Cloudburst, Mr. Warren served with Americorps where he worked at a Boys & Girls Club to improve the reach and quality of their meal service programs. While attending graduate school he worked as a case manager at a core service agency where he was on the veterans housing team. There, he worked with homeless or unstably housed veterans to secure and maintain stable housing while offering a variety of case management services.

Mr. Warren obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Michigan – Flint in 2012 and received his Master of Social Work degree from the Catholic University of America in 2017.