Research and Evaluation

The Cloudburst Group has extensive experience conducting research and evaluations, including pilot and scoping studies, impact and performance evaluations, as well as needs assessments and environmental scans. Well-versed in both single and multi-site evaluations, we have conducted small studies and large evaluation designs for state and federal clients that include USAID, HUD, SAMHSA, and CDC. Our evaluation designs and data collection methodologies employ both quantitative and qualitative techniques, depending on the needs of the client and resources available.

The Cloudburst Group applies both experimental and non-experimental methods, with experience developing online data collection instruments, survey and sampling designs, interview guides, and the presentation of analysis and impact findings in easy-to-understand final reports. We are currently developing Rapid-cycle Evaluation frameworks for quality improvement program evaluations in the public health and housing sectors.

Why Choose Cloudburst Communications?

Our unique approach celebrates our clients as thought leaders by designing strategic communications plans that pair best practices in integrated marketing and communications with research and data, successful programming, digital marketing and public relations storytelling that highlight the human face of your work.

Cloudburst’s multiple areas of expertise inform each other, enabling us to provide you with communications and knowledge management services that are informed by rigorous research, analytics, training best practices, and more. Our extensive experience with both international and domestic issues translates to effective communications that can reach both local and global audiences.