Technical Assistance & Training

icon-ex-techThe Cloudburst Group provides outcome-focused technical assistance and training. Through application of adult learning principles in training and capacity building focused technical assistance, our aim is to help improve the effectiveness of programs and services for socially and economically underserved persons. Relying on a needs-analysis approach to identification of challenges and barriers, our teams develop targeted action plans with short and long term objectives to best meet the needs of our clients and projects.

Cloudburst has provided training and technical assistance to support local, national, and international programs. Our efforts are primarily targeted at supporting grantee compliance with government programs and regulations for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Center for Disease Control, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and the United States Agency for International Development. We are experienced in providing training and technical assistance in housing and community development, environmental compliance, property rights, land tenure, natural resource management and governance, economic development, public and behavioral health.

Domestic Technical Assistance & Training

Cloudburst has provided technical assistance and training to thousands of cities, counties, states, and sub-recipients on HUD and local community development programs.

International Technical Assistance & Training

Cloudburst has trained nearly two thousand people globally on land rights and other cross-sector global development issues through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), webinars, and in-person trainings.

Cloudburst on Demand

Do you need more specialized, on demand assistance? Through Cloudburst on Demand, our Subject Matter Experts are available to you to assist on a variety of subjects or topics associated with HUD Community Planning and Development (CPD) programs—ranging from neighborhood revitalization strategies to IDIS implementation to monitoring preparation.

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