The Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty is the most important event of the year to influence ideas and policies in the land tenure and property rights sector. For the 2015 conference, The Cloudburst Group embarked upon an ambitious mission with our client, USAID’s Land Tenure and Resource Management Office, to tell the story of “Why Land Rights Matter” to a variety of critical development issues – from increasing agricultural productivity to reducing instances of conflict. Beyond highlighting the importance of this cross-cutting issue, we wanted to showcase some of the innovative land tenure work that USAID is doing and its impact on people’s lives.

The results of our efforts are the infographic: “Why Land Rights Matter”; and the two-minute video:, “Mobile Solutions Matter for Land.”

We were extremely pleased to work with the talented team at the design firm Lemonly to produce these high-profile products for USAID on a tight timeline.  In the first week since their release, the infographic and video have already become a hit on social media.