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TJ Martzial is a Manager in The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. Since 2010, Mr. Martzial has served as the project manager on a number of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development-funded Community Planning and Development projects and several State and local consolidated planning and economic development projects. He has been leading a Cloudburst team of subject matter experts providing technical assistance to the City of Brownsville, Texas and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico to build their capacity to design and deliver CDBG, HOME, NSP, and ESG programs, and orientation on using the new HUD eCon Planning suite of tools. His work in Puerto Rico included development of an island-wide Housing Needs Assessment and assisted the Commonwealth in developing a State Housing Plan.

Mr. Martzial has also provided technical assistance to the State of Iowa to develop its Consolidated Plan, and provided economic development technical assistance to the Iowa Economic Development Authority to design a state-wide CDBG Section 108 program that aligns with the State’s economic development strategic plans for job creation.

Mr. Martzial began his career as a carpenter, building single family homes in large developments and passive solar homes. Mr. Martzial worked for the City of Bangor, Maine for over 25 years as a Housing Programs Manager involved in housing rehabilitation, affordable housing development, and CDBG program management. He created the Bangor Homeless Continuum of Care and facilitated the revitalization of the downtown district through affordable housing development and economic development activities. Mr. Martzial was appointed as a Commissioner of the Bangor Housing Authority, and served as Chair for 13 years. Mr. Martzial spent over three years as the Director of Housing and Community Development for the City of Portland Maine overseeing the City’s HUD CPD programs including CDBG, HOME, ESG, NSP-1, and HPRP. Mr. Martzial coordinated a three year re-design of Portland’s entire community development program that included extensive public engagement. Mr. Martzial also created the Portland-Cumberland County HOME Consortium in 2008. Mr. Martzial continues to be active in the National Community Development Association (NCDA).

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In His Own Words

“Working with citizens passionate about their communities, discovering new approaches to housing and urban planning that creates sustainable communities with respect for architectural and cultural histories, and for economic and social justice is extremely challenging, but the rewards move me onward.”