Project Description

Technical Assistance with Homeless Programs and Financial Management in the City of Baltimore

City_of_Baltimore_Homeless_ProgramThe Cloudburst Group provides Technical Assistance (TA) to the City of Baltimore’s Mayor’s Office of Human Services on homeless program and financial management.

A number of serious operational and compliance deficiencies in the City’s administrative and programmatic oversight were identified through HUD and their Office of the Inspector General’s monitoring  of  the  City’s  Homelessness  Prevention  and  Rapid  Re-Housing  Program  (HPRP).  Identified concerns included problematic program design, disallowed fiscal practices, insufficient subrecipient oversight, and widespread non-compliance with HUD requirements related to eligibility determination and documentation. This TA engagement has been undertaken in close coordination with TA focused on Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) planning and adoption of a new system, implementation of a new Continuum of Care governance structure, and Coordinated Assessment planning.

Intensive TA provided by The Cloudburst Group has effectively improved the City’s financial and grants management systems, increased program understanding for City and nonprofit agency staff, restructured staff reporting relationships, and incorporated new tools and processes. Together these supports have reduced errors and accelerated payments.  Continuing work focuses on: improving oversight through an upgraded monitoring program, revising contracts and procurements to include performance measures and threshold criteria, and moving to impose sanctions when training and technical support fail to improve subrecipient compliance and/or performance.