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Project Description

Research Analyst

Stephanie Fenner is currently providing analytical support on the USAID Evaluation, Research and Communication project. She works alongside a team of analysts conducting USAID-funded impact evaluations, supporting research and data analyses activities. Ms. Fenner also assists in the preparation of a variety of reports, and performance evaluations within The Cloudburst Group’s Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management practice area on projects of global significance, most notably in the areas of land tenure and resource rights, climate change, REDD+, and community forestry.

Ms. Fenner is an ambitious and enthusiastic development practitioner with strong passion for inclusive and sustainable economic development. Her background includes professional experience in both domestic and international development programs, and extensive research experience surrounding land tenure, natural resource rights, large-scale land acquisitions, and corporate practice in Sub-Saharan Africa.

She earned her MA in International Development and Social Change as a Fellow at Clark University’s School of International Development, Community, and Environment in 2014. Prior to her graduate studies, Ms. Fenner worked throughout the Northern Plains researching and analyzing sustainable economic and community development opportunities on Native American Reservations in N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. She worked alongside policy coalitions, Tribal Councils, and local businesses to develop and advocate policies promoting sustainable economic growth for rural and native communities.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys cooking, eating, traveling, and spending time with her family.

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