Project Description

Consolidated Plan and Assessment of Fair Housing Integration – City of Seattle

Period of Performance: September 2017 – March 2018

Cloudburst completed the final draft of a Consolidated Plan for the City of Seattle, Washington, a culmination of several months of efforts working with the City, its partners, and community stakeholders. Completing a full review of the Citizen Participation Plan, Cloudburst aided the city in updating the plan to streamline the Action Plan amendment process, ensuring compliance to all applicable federal rules and regulations. Cloudburst analyzed U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-provided data, Census data, and local data sources to inform the Executive Summary, the Needs Assessment, and the Market Analysis.

Conducting an analysis of HUD-provided and Census data, Cloudburst was able to develop a rich narrative for the Executive Summary, Needs Assessment, and Market Analysis; making for an effective document that serves the public.

For this Consolidated Plan, Cloudburst worked with the City to incorporate AFH through developing metrics for AFH goals and creating a system in which to track progress made towards their achievement. Cloudburst assisted the City in integrating the AFH into the Consolidated Plan’s Strategic Plan as well as the Annual Action plan through moving AFH goal descriptions, contributing factors, and achievement measures into the Consolidated Plan format. Finally, Cloudburst conducted a detailed survey including twelve of the City’s departments and agencies, producing a single document allowing the City to track all AFH metrics and milestones throughout the Consolidated Plans’ life cycle.