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Senior Communications Specialist

Sandra Coburn is a Senior Communications Specialist who leads the communications, knowledge management and training practice areas for the Cloudburst Group. In her role at Cloudburst, she currently serves as a senior-level communications expert for USAID contracts, including the Learning Evaluation and Research (LER) contract for the office of Democracy Human Rights and Governance (DRG), the Environmental Compliance Support (ECOS) Contract, the Global Environmental Management Support Project (GEMS II) for the E3 Bureau. She also serves as key personnel for the GSA Web Services project. Ms. Coburn has served as the senior communications expert, key personnel, and manager responsible for planning, production, and dissemination of communications, knowledge management, and training for USAID Evaluation, Research and Communications (ERC) project—a $20M five-year program designed to create, expand, and communicate evidence-based knowledge around land tenure and property rights.

Ms. Coburn is an accomplished senior-level expert with 13 years of experience managing a wide variety of communications, public relations, training, knowledge management, and marketing programs. Ms. Coburn has demonstrated expertise in strategic communications and program management. She has launched digital outreach, designed and implemented multi-media strategies, managed websites, and spearheaded global new media campaigns. Ms. Coburn is an exceptional manager of creative teams and is highly-regarded for her ability to streamline communications, manage multiple projects of competing priorities, and produce a wide-range of content—both on time and under budget. She has overseen budgets of up to $1.5 million and teams of up to 13. She is a subject matter expert in international communications and is a skilled storyteller, writer, and photographer known for her ability to create effective communications about complex global issues and research as well as her ability to highlight the human face of USG and NGO projects from around the world. Ms. Coburn is recognized for a data-driven and results-focused methodology and is continuously striving to identify and implement the use of technologies to increase organizational exposure, incorporate new media, expand audience reach, and establish benchmarks to optimize communications results.

Prior to joining the Cloudburst Group, Ms. Coburn has spent 10 years working in communications, most recently for World Food Program USA. She has a master’s degree in International Relations and was awarded the Evelyn Falkowski Service Award in 2014 from the United Nations Association of the National Capitol Area for a strategic communications plan she designed. Ms. Coburn has professional and academic travel experience in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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In Her Own Words

“International development helps people around the world live with dignity. Through communications, we share the story of the path taken to reach that dignity.”