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Project Description

Senior Analyst

Sandra Coburn is a Senior Analyst, Communications & Knowledge Management Specialist at The Cloudburst Group in the Land Tenure and Natural Resource practice area for the USAID-funded Evaluation, Research and Communications program – a $20M five-year program designed to create, expand, and communicate evidence-based knowledge around land tenure and property rights best practices.

Ms. Coburn is responsible for leading the production of communications deliverables, including public pieces, social media outreach, newsletters and direct email outreach, and webinar and event planning. Ms. Coburn is also responsible for coordinating audience and messaging analysis for a scheduled website redesign and working with designers to develop the site’s look and feel.

Prior to joining the Cloudburst Group, Ms. Coburn has spent 10 years working in communications, most recently for World Food Program USA. She has a master’s degree in International Relations and was awarded the Evelyn Falkowski Service Award in 2014 from the United Nations Association of the National Capitol Area for a strategic communications plan she designed. Ms. Coburn has professional and academic travel experience in Asia and Europe.

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In Her Own Words

“International development helps people around the world live with dignity. Through communications, we share the story of the path taken to reach that dignity.”