Project Description

Responsible Land-Based Investment Pilots in Mozambique and Kenya

Period of Performance: January 2016 – July 2018

From 2016 to 2018, The Cloudburst Group piloted two U.S. Agency for International Development-funded projects designed to test the application of relevant best practices guidance on responsible land-based investment such as the Analytical Framework for Land-Based Investments in African Agriculture (the “Analytical Framework”). The main goal of both pilots was to determine how effective such guidance is in reducing land-based risks, and whether it is cost-effective for the private sector to implement. The pilot projects were conducted in Kenya and Mozambique and were selected based on a competitive application process. The process was initiated with a co-creation workshop in which eight organizations worked together to design projects applying the Analytical Framework to live investments. Those organizations were invited to submit proposals for their projects, which were then reviewed by an independent panel that selected two winning projects for implementation.

In Mozambique, Illovo Sugar Africa, Ltd., worked with Indufor and Cloudburst to strengthen local tenure security through verification of legitimate land rights in operating areas. This pilot also was designed to support the Government of Mozambique’s Terra Segura effort, which aims to register 5 million parcels and map the boundaries of 4,000 communities by 2020. Illovo and Indufor, with support from Cloudburst, worked to map parcels of landholders in three areas around the Maragra Estate, to provide the landholders certificates of land rights, facilitate formal Direito do Uso e Aproveitamento da Terra (DUAT) registration for them, and develop a grievance mechanism for land-related concerns.

In Kenya, Cloudburst worked with Moringa to address land risks around Asante Capital, a Kenyan timber processing company. The pilot aimed to formally assess land tenure risks around Asante’s land holdings, consult with communities in managing any identified risks, develop protocols for ensuring risk management is maintained, and assess and mitigate any environmental risks that may relate to their investment.

Through this contract, Cloudburst accomplished the following in Mozambique:

  • Mapped 1,849 parcels for growers and local landholders in three areas surrounding the Maragra Estate through a participatory approach;
  • Delivered cooperative-issued certificates of documented land rights to 558 men and 1,084 women (66 percent women);
  • Facilitated the formal DUAT registration process for these 1,642 landholders; and
  • Developed a new grievance mechanism for Illovo to address land-related and other concerns among local community members and growers.

And in Kenya, as a result of the Pilot, Moringa was able to:

  • Identify the potential land risks in Kwale County that might impact Asante Capital and its growers;
  • Understand resource concerns and constraints that might impact production over time, particularly access to dependable water supplies for ginger production;
  • Work with Asante Capital to strengthen due diligence processes for future land acquisitions, including developing stakeholder engagement procedures; and
  • Define the kinds of technical assistance that growers may need to improve productivity. For Asante, the Pilot highlighted areas that can be strengthened as the company grows, including enhanced community engagement and consultation, and it also generated lessons learned related to the importance of a thorough analysis of water resource availability prior to engaging in land use activities. The Pilot has encouraged Asante to better understand the productive requirements of its fields and plantations to improve future site selection processes. Asante will also consider how to capture water during the wettest times of the year to safeguard their investments in the dry season.