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Subject Matter Expert

Judy Perlman is a Subject Matter Expert in The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. She leads teams of housing and homelessness experts active in multiple US communities, facilitating efforts to help communities optimize their uses of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and other funds to address local needs.

Her focus is on facilitating the work of cross-cutting Cloudburst teams that help local stakeholders to articulate objectives and take action in numerous areas simultaneously. Her teams have helped states shift programs from one state-level agency to another; have helped free up millions of HUD dollars that were “stuck” in bureaucratic bottlenecks; and have redesigned the relationships between a city and its nonprofit partners to improve the delivery of critical services to residents. Her teams help localities to improve grants and financial management systems, resolve complex outstanding projects and fiscal issues, build staff skills and/or reshape organizations to improve efficiency and accuracy, incorporate performance measures into funding decisions and use data to guide neighborhood investments.

Ms. Perlman worked for more than 20 years in the housing/homelessness system in Massachusetts. Her background includes supportive housing production and management as well as designing social services, primarily for homeless families and individuals. Prior to joining The Cloudburst Group in 2009, she served as a nonprofit CEO, contributing beyond her organization as an active convener for an emerging regional Housing Network and co-chairing her local Continuum of Care.

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In Her Own Words

“I work with people who are frustrated by their community’s or organization’s problems, and help them discover or design solutions that create real change. The work is endlessly creative and it’s great to see capacity being built and outcomes improving.”