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Project Description

Junior Analyst

Jake Lasala officially joined The Cloudburst Group in March 2016 as a Junior Analyst. In his current capacity, Jake acts as a coordinator for team leads and managers on projects. Jake is also responsible for drafting, reviewing, and editing content for business proposals and the company website; providing quality assurance by resolving technical issues on live webinar training sessions; as well as recording notes for qualitative data collection.

Prior to joining The Cloudburst Group, Mr. Lasala served under a variety of internships in Washington, D.C. including work for non-profit organizations, a think tank, and a boutique communications firm.

Mr. Lasala began his undergraduate career studying accounting, but eventually changed majors to pursue a degree in political science; he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from The Catholic University of America. His interests include international political economy, communications, data analytics & technology, and law.

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“The most profound questions are still waiting to be asked; the answers require our attention, not our apathy”