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Project Description

Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery Program

Cloudburst staff have developed tools for local evaluators to collect data on wide-ranging receipt of support services (for behavioral health, housing, and other services) by veterans diverted from the criminal justice system into trauma-informed care, as part of a SAMHSA-funded national cross-site evaluation. The program currently funds 12 states, supporting a variety of pre-booking and post-booking diversion programs with an equal variety of trauma-informed interventions. Cloudburst serves as the national data coordinator and evaluation support contractor for this project, sponsored by SAMHSA’s Center for Mental Health Services, and provides technical assistance to two separate cohorts of local and statewide evaluators in the field. Cloudburst staff developed a specialized person-tracking database for sites to use in the management of their programs. The database helps programs maintain contact with participants to ensure integrity of longitudinal data and reporting on program participants’ characteristics to ensure that study participants are representative of program participants as a whole. Our research partners are Advocates for Human Potential


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