Project Description

Data Visualization / Data Utilization Project for Systems of Care Serving Veterans and Their Families

Data-viz-projectThe Cloudburst Group trains state leaders and system planners on the use of data tools to improve behavioral health care services for Service members, Veterans, and their families (SMVF).  Primarily funded by SAMHSA’s SMVF TA Center, these trainings, products, and learning communities empower State planners to identify Veteran-related data sources, and develop data visualization tools that inform collaborative planning processes for collective impact.

This data informed project integrates current research findings on PTSD, TBI, Veteran homelessness, Substance Use, Suicide risk and other behavioral health issues with data mapping, analysis and the power of infographic documents. State leadership councils learn how to integrate data resources, state maps, and data visualization tools to develop and track performance outcomes on multiple system measures.

The Cloudburst Group also helps state leadership to identify and illuminate performance metrics on data dashboards to track State priorities for improving Veteran service systems.  Cloudburst builds state and local capacity to use data visualization tools to create service and systems.