Project Description

Creating a Comprehensive Housing Plan for the Puerto Rico Housing Task Force

Puerto_Rico_ProejctIn the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, The Cloudburst Group worked in collaboration with all housing agencies to develop a market-based, comprehensive housing plan.

The Cloudburst team, led by TJ Martzial, along with a team of Spanish-speaking consultants, conducted a broad assessment of the Puerto Rico Housing Task Force and related State agencies to determine both agency and staff skill capacity gaps. Each department’s program management and implementation capabilities were evaluated as well. In collaboration with the Puerto Rico Department of Housing and the HUD Field Office, the Cloudburst Group met with program directors, managers, and staff from each agency responsible for grants and financial management, reporting, program monitoring, financial monitoring, program design, and procurement. The Cloudburst Group obtained additional input from the Puerto Rico Housing Task Force on the initial identification of capacity gaps, and presented a comprehensive summary of funding, activity, and training needs.

With guidance from The Cloudburst Group and using the data from the Housing Needs Assessment they produced, the Puerto Rico Housing Task Force developed Puerto Rico’s first Commonwealth-wide Housing Plan. In September 2011, the Governor unveiled the data- and market-based plan at the annual Puerto Rico Housing Conference. This Housing Plan, including Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) developments, continues to drive the Commonwealth’s housing policies and investments today. Based on the initial State agency capacity assessments and recommendations, The Cloudburst Group continues to provide Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) support to Puerto Rico’s Office of the Commissioner of Municipal Affairs in program implementation.

Client: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development