Project Description

Project Manager, Community Development Programs

Carole Burchette is a Project Manager/Subject Matter Expert in the Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area. Ms. Burchette currently manages projects for NSP On-Call and Closeout Readiness direct TA and HUD’s Multifamily Programs, Office of Recapitalization for the Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (RAD). In this capacity Ms. Burchette determines work plan team structures, prepares work plans and work plan budgets. This effort requires preparation of monthly and quarterly reporting to HUD as well as budget management and reporting through HUD’s internal web-based reporting system. Ms. Burchette provides coordination with other TA providers and the HUD personnel for the delivery of technical assistance. Ms. Burchette also provides technical expertise to direct TA assignments in addition to overall project management.

Ms. Burchette is considered a performance-driven housing professional with experience in program management, contract administration, neighborhood revitalization and disaster housing recovery in housing and community development related programs. She is experienced in the design and delivery of training courses for affordable housing programs, disaster housing recovery, multifamily rental housing, and real estate finance. She is a proven provider of direct technical assistance to states and localities on the HOME and CDBG programs, Disaster Recovery and Neighborhood Stabilization Programs, planning processes, program design, grants administration, homebuyer programs and homeowner rehabilitation.

Ms. Burchette is a proven team leader with skills in mediating, negotiating and bringing divergent views to consensus. Ms. Burchette has over 30 years of hands-on expertise in planning, development, implementation and evaluation of affordable housing and community development activities and disaster recovery programs at the federal, state and local levels. She has expertise in the development of multifamily projects using public and private financing, as well as, solutions for troubled multifamily projects.

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In Her Own Words

“Being able to provide assistance to state and local governments as they help individuals and families to stay in their homes, stay healthy, and afford other necessities such as food and medicine is the basis for building strong communities, while empowering more individuals and families to overcome poverty and homelessness. This is what living is all about.”