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Project Description

Communications Specialist

Caleb Godsey is a Communications Specialist with proven experience working with the federal government. Mr. Godsey has provided data and knowledge management services on a variety of USAID and GSA funded programs. Most notably, Mr. Godsey is skilled in the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative, demand-driven, audience-appropriate training, and knowledge management programs.

Under the USAID E3/Land and Urban Bureau’s Evaluations, Research and Communications (ERC) program, Mr. Godsey served as an activity manager and logistics coordinator for USAID in-person training in the United States and Africa. The training targeted USAID personnel, with a course objective to strengthen knowledge and skills of land and resource tenure issues to better achieve development goals in their project portfolios, improving the effectiveness of Agency programming generally. Over the course of the training, Mr. Godsey worked with both USAID officials and consultants to develop course agendas, modify existing presentations, and ultimately facilitate the training on-site.

Mr. Godsey is trained in video and audio production, editing, and dissemination, especially in online formats, including podcasts, YouTube videos, and online training modalities. Mr. Godsey provided website maintenance and multimedia support for the production of the USAID Land Tenure and Property Rights Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). He worked with high-level USAID officials to develop training scripts and course materials; coaching them through the video production process and ultimately supporting the MOOC’s dissemination through social media outreach, direct email outreach, webinars and the hosting of online/in-person events.

Mr. Godsey currently serves as activity manager for the General Service Administration’s (GSA) Office of Strategic Communication (OSC). Mr. Godsey oversees tasks concerned with auditing, analysis, search optimization, and writing services to improve the usefulness and usability of the website. Developing and supporting strategies and improvements to site metrics which ensure stakeholders are connected to GSA’s broader web presence when needed, and better align with GSA’s mission and strategic goals.

He also provides data management and support for the USAID Environmental Compliance Database (ECD). Supporting the development of strategic communication products as well as providing backstopping support to USAID Bureau Environmental Officers (BEOs).

Mr. Godsey maintains an active secret-level security clearance and has a bachelor’s degree from Elon University, where he pursued studies in political philosophy and international relations.

In His Own Words

“Our lives are comprised of stories. Our stories are worth listening to and worth telling.”

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