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Project Description

Senior Analyst

Frumerie_CAs a Senior Analyst in The Cloudburst Group’s Housing and Community Development practice area, Caitlin Frumerie provides technical assistance, training, outreach, evaluation, and other support in program implementation with non-profit organizations and local, state, and federal agencies engaged in community-based efforts to prevent and end homelessness.

Possessing a wide breadth of experience with federal grants (from delivering homeless services to directing community development for a municipality), Ms. Frumerie is particularly skilled in capacity building, training, and operations/grants management. Previously she worked as Director of Community Development for the City of Providence, where she successfully fostered collaborative relationships and rebuilt struggling programs, using creativity and asset-based approaches. Now with The Cloudburst Group, Ms. Frumerie helps to support the technical assistance needs of several key communities and homeless programs, with her enthusiastic and imaginative approaches.

Ms. Frumerie has a BS in Historic Preservation and a BA in Art/Architectural History from Roger Williams University. She is currently getting her Masters in Social Work from Boston University and anticipates graduating in 2016. Through her energetic and empowerment-focused management style, she is able to promote compliance with federal regulations, while maintaining a commitment to the larger goals at hand in the work to end homelessness and develop strong communities.

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In Her Own Words

“Housing should be a right, not a privilege.”