Our Global Development practice conducts agenda-setting research, rigorously evaluates development interventions, and translates and builds capacity on innovative practices to promote land tenure and property rights; increase environmental compliance and sustainability; enhance food security; ensure democracy, human rights, and governance; and advance harmonization of social safeguards. 

Our teams of experts are skilled at evaluation designs and data collection methodologies that incorporate quantitative, qualitative, and geospatial techniques for large and small organizations and interventions. We are skilled at conducting assessments and special studies including desk studies, program reviews, data quality assessments, political economy analyses, meta-evaluations, and biodiversity analyses. Our work also includes providing global technical assistance and support in environmental compliance.  

Cloudburst applies a collaborative approach to our work, engaging key stakeholders throughout the design and implementation of monitoring, evaluation, and learning activities and ensuring that activities are responsive to local context and need. Our work often includes ensuring representation of underserved or marginalized populations including women, youth, and indigenous populations to ensure their voices and experiences are accounted for.  

Cloudburst is experienced at translating findings into strategic communications and training materials—such as data visualizations, interactive maps, videos, photo essays, and infographics—to distill information into easily shareable content for wider consumption by clients and other development stakeholders. We have devised innovative methods to bring data back to communities through visualization methods in culturally competent formats to empower local action and change.   

Our work also contributes to academic and policy discourses through peer-reviewed journal publication and presentations of key findings and innovative methods at international conference proceedings.  

Our clients include the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and the British Department for International Development (DFID). We have experience working in South, East, and West Africa; Asia; Eastern Europe and Eurasia; and Latin America and the Caribbean.


Our Impact