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Project Description

Research / Geospatial Analyst

Nicole Walter conducts analysis for fair housing and community development issues for cities and states across the country. Ms. Walter also coordinates Cloudburst’s geospatial analysis for international land tenure research under contract with USAID.

Ms. Walter’s research expertise in housing, community development, and land tenure issues spans across the globe. Prior to her work at Cloudburst Group, Ms. Walter worked as a consultant on the World Bank’s Urbanization Review publication on Mexico, conducting a spatial analysis on the economic productivity and urban form of cities across Mexico.

Ms. Walter earned her MA in Urban Planning at UCLA where she focused her work on land tenure, women’s empowerment, and the use of geospatial technologies. Prior to her graduate studies, Ms. Walter worked in Guatemala conducting research on participatory planning methods in rural community development as part of a Fulbright research fellowship. She also completed her BA in Architecture at University of California, Berkeley where she worked on participatory design projects in Brazil and Bolivia.

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In Her Own Words

“To solve some of the world’s most pressing issues, I believe we need to breakdown silos and create innovative multidisciplinary solutions that embrace technology and citizen engagement.”